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1 Month Pound & Fit (Aerobic Class) Membership

Rs. 1,600.00

Begin your Fitness Journey with MSR Fitness Centre,Upper Republic,Aizawl,Mizoram. We are well equipped with state of the art cardio and strength training equipments. We have a range of different products and services including:

  • Personal Training
  • Boxing Class
  • Aerobic Class
  • Steam Bath
  • Separate Rest Rooms for Gents and Ladies
  • Supplements
  • Various types of Beverages.


1. Choose your Plan ( 1 Month/3 Months/6 Months/1 Year/Strong Nation/Aerobic Class,Boxing Class etc)

2. Place your order and Checkout

3. Make your Payment through Google Pay (Phone number and Instructions regarding payment will be available at checkout)

4. As soon as you place your order and payment is confirmed. We will contact you and send you a confirmation image.

5. Just Bring the confirmation image when you come to the Gym. 

*Your Membership Validity will begin only after you start your 1st Gym Session.

For any Queries feel free to contact us: 



1 Month Pound & Fit (Aerobic Class) Membership Access

  • Shower Facilities
  • Aerobic Class
  • Sports Performance Zone
  • Certified Trainer
  • Tuesday,Thursday,Saturday - 5:10pm - 6:10pm

 1 Month Fee : Rs.1000 + Rs. 600 Lifetime Membership Registration