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Atmos Care KF94 Mask, Black

Rs. 120.00

🙋🏻‍♂️ FAQ
Is this 4 layers face mask?
-Yes! All our KF94 masks have 4 layers of materials ( 4 ply)
What is KF?
-KF is an acronym of Korea Filter : This measure represents filtration efficiency, which means how good the mask is at filtering out particles. In this case, that is 94%.
-Are those masks reusable(washable)?
No! It's disposable! KF94 or 80 masks are not reusable.

⭐️Measurement (there can be an error depending on measurement method)
200x150mm Please check Photo of measurement.

✔️Product Features
-4 Layers filtration structure assures protection and safety
-Protect with style Ergonomic 3D design provides utmost protection
-Made using 100% made in Korea material
-Superior and reliable quality
-approved by KFDA

✔️How to wear?
1. Place the mask on your face so that it covers your nose and chin, and hang the straps over your ears to fix the position.
2. Use the fingers of both hands to press the nose clip so that it has close contact with the nose.
3. Wrap the entire mask with both hands and adjust it so that it adheres to the face while checking for air leakage.

-Do not wear a towel, tissue paper, etc. under or over the respirator after wear it.
-Do not use if the inside of the mask is contaminated.
-Do not reuse it after washing.
-Do not crush or deform the masks
-After wearing, do not touch the surface of the mask.
-If breathing is uncomfortable due to wearing masks such as pregnant women, people with respiratory diseases, children, the elderly, etc., stop using mask and visit a doctor, etc., if necessary.

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