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Rs. 280.00
DONGWON MILD TUNA 150g Enjoy softly and Fresh Tuna in Can It is a fast-frozen tuna caught in the sea, and is a mobilized tuna with fresh flesh. Please enjoy the softness of tuna filled with the health of the sea in your mouth. Contains less oil to ensure its great fresh, soft taste. It is a national food that is loved enough to eat mobilized tuna at a rate of 6.1 cans per person per year. The fresh tuna caught directly in the Pacific Ocean’s clean waters is frozen on board to keep the meat alive and fresh. DHA, calcium, and selenium, etc., are strong enough to serve as a side dish for growing children. Please keep the health of the whole family with one healthy and delicious Dongwon Tuna. Enhances the taste of kimchi stews, fish stews, or hot pots. Fat content is reduced for lower calories and clam and vegetable/shiitake mushroom extracts are added to enhance its savory taste. Excellent for rices such as Gimbab (dried seaweed rolls) and fried rice, sandwiches and salads. Contents: Tuna, canola oil, vegetable juice, clam extract, shiitake mushroom extract