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Easy Friends Adult Diaper Medium (5 Pants)

Rs. 250.00
  • Friends Easy Adult Diapers Medium offer upto 8 hours protection against leakage, moisture and have odour lock.
  • Highly absorbent anti-bacterial core ensures faster absorption and prevents rashes, infection.
  • Standing leak guards for maximum protection.
  • Wetness indicator - Fades away when the Adult Diaper is full
Up to 8 hours of protection

 Anti-Bacterial Core

 Highly absorbent anti-bacterial core that ensures faster absorption, prevents rashes & infection.

Standing Leak Guards

FRIENDS Easy Adult Diapers avoid side spills and leakages with our standing leak guards.


Wetness Indicator

The wetness indicator on FRIENDS Easy Adult Diaper starts fading when the diaper is full.

Extra soft and dry

FRIENDS Easy Adult Diapers are made with the best materials and technology imported from all over the world.

Refastenable tapes

FRIENDS Easy Adult Diapers refastenable tapes help you with multiple adjustments for a comfortable fit

Specially designed for Indian Body types

FRIENDS Adult Diapers are designed for the Indian body type and climate.