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Miniso Five Elements Body Beauty Collaterals Brush

by Miniso
Rs. 150.00

Product Name: Five Elements Body Beauty Collaterals Brush

Specifications: 149g

Product Features:

-Quickly negotiate lymph-vessels and collaterals in each part of the body.

-Preventability. Eliminate excess fat and prevent various symptoms, like varicosity, caused by lymph-vessels and collaterals obstruction. 

-Synergism. This product can replace traditional hand massage and miraculously increase the effect to 20times.

-Fitness guide. After use, cosmetologist can speculate the health value of user's body, according to costumer's reaction.

Material: Using new imported environmental protection material from Germany, heat resistance, acid and alkali resistance, no broken brush teeth, no allergy, no damage by essential oil, durable, no toxic or side effects.