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Miniso Marvel Steam Eye Mask (Captain America 5pcs) SALE

Save Rs. 55.00
Original price Rs. 360.00
Current price Rs. 305.00
  • This eye mask utilizes advanced self-heating technology to heighten relaxation and relieve tired eyes with the warm and soothing sensation of steam heat.
  • Steam heat moistens and relaxes tired eyes while hydrating surrounding skin.
  • The patented, innovative, single-use Steam Eye Mask can be used anytime, anywhere for a one of a kind way to decompress and de-stress while you are on the go.
  • Packaging Materials:Paper.
  • Instructions:Open the package and take out the eye mask, hang it on the ears, and use for about 20 minutes.
  • Features:Suitable for people who spend long hours on operating the computer, reading or studying. Can be used after long drive, travel fatigue or working.
  • NOTE:
  • 1.Single-use product, do not reuse.
  • 2.Use as soon as the package is opened.
  • 3.Please use under doctor's instruction if you suffer from ocular disease or inflammation, or if there is scratch, swelling or eczema around your eyes.
  • 4.Discontinue use immediately if ocular swelling or discomfort occurs.
  • 5.Not edible.
  • 6.Avoid exposure to sunlight and high temperature and keep out of reach of children.
  • 7.Keep in sealed and dry condition and normal temperature.
  • 8.Avoid lights