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Miniso Mini Moisturizing Portable Moisture Sprayer Spray Facial Sprayer, White

by Miniso
Rs. 790.00
  • Nano Technology Deep Hydrating : Ultra high speed vibrating technology, split water into tiny nanometer particles to make the effective components penetrate into skin and deep hydrating without ruining makeup
  • Spray Distance &Time: Spray 15-20cm from the skin. It will stop automatically after 30 seconds.
  • Elegant Appearance and Portable:Small size for handy,white appearance with blue light design. The sprayer can be placed in lady makeup bag.
  • Steaming before skin care routine will help your skin absorb toner, serum and moisturizer completely; makeup application afterwards will be much easier and last longer.
A Product utilizes high-technology chip and special vibration technology to convert water into mist of nanoscale particles for basic nursing. Easily penetrate the surface of skin and provide moisture for your skin.

1. Unlock, open the water tank cap.
2. Fill the tank with toning. Return the cap. ( Essential oil is not suggested
3. Slide downward to switch on the power.
4. Spray 15-20cm from the skin. It will stop automatically after 30 seconds.
5. Please do not hold the product aslant or upside down, which might lead to a failed spray.
6. Please shake the body gently before using.
7.If the spray mouth got blocked, please fold the tissue into a point and gently wipe it.
8. Please change for new battery in case of low battery.

Specification 11*5.2*2.5CM