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Miniso Rectangle Laundry Bag - White (2 pack)

by Miniso
Rs. 190.00

Product Name: Rectangle Laundry Bag - white (2 pack)

Specifications: Small Rectangle Bag: 34.5 x 50 cm; Large Rectangle Bag: 49.5 x 55 cm

Materials: 100% Polyester

  • This Laundry Bag has a very compact size and can be kep anywhere around the house without taking up much space.
  • It is very spacious and it can accommodate a lot of clothes. Keep all your clothes in this laundry bag without scattering them everywhere.
  • It helps to keep your laundry organised and in place. You don’t have to search for dirty clothes. Anytime you want to keep it for wash, put it in the laundry bag.
  • Made of good-quality polyester material, the laundry bag is very durable and stylish at the same time. You can place it wherever it is convenient for you