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Mr. Muscle Visible Power Toilet Cleaner - 500 ml

Rs. 75.00
Mr Muscle visible power toilet cleaner destroys toughest stains and lime scale
It changes color from green to blue while working and fizzes on contact with lime scale
Its unique neck gives better reach hence better cleaning as it can reach the most difficult areas of the toilet rim

Safety Information:
Corrosive, keep the bottle closed and out of reach of childern and pets.

Hydrochloric acid, Fatty amine ethoxylate, Non ionic surfactant, Amphoteric surfactant, Acid blue9(CI:42090), perfume and water.

To open cap, squeeze on finger grip and unscrew. To clean toilet bowl, lift the toilet seat, direct MM visible power TC under the rim and squeeze evenly around the bowl, brush above and below the waterline, and flush. Close cap tightly.