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MyOxy Portable Oxygen Can 5.9ltrs at 1200kPa

Rs. 499.00
  • Portable: Can be easily carried because oxygen is weightless
  • First of its kind: Disposable, safe and light weight Oxygen Can "approved by FDA" with an inbuilt mask
  • Carefully Designed: One-piece seamless product with no joints avoiding explosion and is completely safe
  • Extremely Easy to Use: Just place your chin on the surface of the mask and press the trigger with your hand or chin
  • Controlled Pressure: The air pressure or velocity reduces because of the mask which makes it an ideal choice and easy to use

To breathe pure and fresh air and feel rejuvenated and lively, make Myoxy your companion, A lightweight, and portable oxygen can which is used in case of low oxygen level in the body.  MyOxy is Medicinal Grade OXYGEN in disposable approved by FDA and manufactured under valid Drug License strictly adhered to Indian Pharmacopoeia guidelines.   It contains  Oxygen I.P. 5.9 Liters at 1200 kPa in seamless aluminum disposables with an inbuilt mask.   MyOxyinstantly increases the oxygen level in the body and helps to restore brain and body functions to the normal. It is useful in curbing breathlessness caused due to high altitude, pollution, smoking, stale air, and poor ventilation. It is also useful in case a person is suffering from breathlessness due to various reasons. It is the First-Aid care in case of an emergency.