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NIINE Extra Long 6 Sanitary Pads With Disposable Bags for Women.

Rs. 35.00

Niine Dry Comfort Sanitary Napkin comes with an optimal design for even spreading and long use. The double perforated top sheet enables faster absorbency that helps to keep you dry. Its soft edge arms help in rash-control. The napkin is soft as cotton and it features dry-lock sheet for all-round protection. Comes with disposal bags, Niine sanitary napkins prevent odour so that you can stay carefree throughout the day.

PE Film, Siliconized Paper, Adhesive, Cellulose Fluff Pulp, Non Woven, Perfume.

How to Use

  1. Peel release paper from the back of the pad.
  2. Stick the pad firmly on panty.
  3. Peel release paper from pad arms.
  4. Wrap arms around both side of panty and press.