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Sparkle Lime and Orange Dishwash (700gm) (Large)

Rs. 50.00

The Sparkle Lime Dishwasher tub keeps your kitchen accessories clean and spotless. It eliminates any burnt marks, grease stains and food smell. This also washes away all the bacteria, left behind from the residual food particles. This dishwash formulation is empowered with Micro Shine Activators. Hence, it lasts longer and cleans more utensils, than any other ordinary dishwashers. This product dissolves slower and melts less. As a result, it lasts longer than other similar products. While washing of steel utensils, it is often seen that the soap water leaves behind a white coat on the plate or glass. Using Sparkle Lime Dishwasher ensures sparkling clean plates, without the trail of this white coat.

The packaging of the tub is sturdy and long-lasting, and can be used even after the detergent is used up, for storing Sparkle bars.