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Vaseline Healthy White Complete 10 Lotion, 200ml

Rs. 255.00
Vaseline Healthy White/Healthy bright Complete 10 Body Lotion, 200ml
Fed up of dry skin that makes you look dull. The Vaseline healthy white complete 10 offers a healthy
respite. With vital components like vitamin B3, AHA and sun screen, Vaseline offers the best protection
for your face and skin, in this lotion. It is endowed with numerous benefits that ensure younger,
brighter looking skin. The Vaseline healthy white complete 10 lotion ensures that your skin gets a
better tone and feel with every application. Can be applied once a day or several times depending on
the weather or your individual needs, but it's sure to bring out your youthfulness.
This one is a compact 100 ml bottle, easy to even carry around.